JUMP Technology and Euronext Funds360 offer a modern and flexible solution for easy market data access

JUMP Technology, a European business software editor dedicated to investment management professionals, and Euronext Funds360, a state-of-the-art financial data provider, are coming together to enable their users to automate and secure data access for native use in all modules of the JUMP software package: position keeping, order placement, compliance, reporting…


Euronext Funds360 offers a modern solution allowing users to access a rich market database, particularly concerning investment and mutual funds, UCITS, REITs, FCPEs, and securities.
JUMP Technology offers a Front-to-Back investment management software platform that meets the needs of various players in the investment management industry (asset management companies, insurers, mutual insurance companies, pension funds, family offices, private banks, etc.).


JUMP offers a native connector to the Euronext Funds360 feed enabling access to market data in its integrated securities data repository.The two companies provide a perfectly complementary offering for investment management entities in France and throughout Europe.
Emmanuel Fougeras, CEO of JUMP Technology : «For a software package like JUMP, the market data feed is like the ‘petrol’ that powers its motor. Its quality is therefore essential, as it directly impacts the quality of the data that is then used throughout the software package. We are thus pleased to offer a native connector for Euronext Funds360’s modern and innovative solution. »
Jean-Baptiste Sicard, President of Euronext Funds360 : « Euronext Funds360 is convinced that easy access to reliable market data is a major issue in asset management and is open to a new player exploiting today’s modern technology. It is this vision of innovation and flexibility that quickly led us to form a technological partnership with JUMP, a company that shares our values. »


About JUMP
JUMP is a software editor that is 100% dedicated to the asset management industry: management companies, private banks, family offices, life insurance, insurers, mutual insurance companies, pension funds, etc. While addressing the specificities of each division, JUMP software covers the entire asset management value chain, for any type of financial instrument, in a single, modular, Front-to-Back software platform. By choosing JUMP, you will be guided by Agility and Innovation, helping you stay ahead of future growth challenges: Data Intelligence, Digital Experience, Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, Alternative Investments, etc.


About Euronext Funds360
Euronext Funds360 (formerly OPCVM360) is a new French data provider specializing in database management and feed production for Funds (SICAV, FCP, SCPI, OPCI, ETF, FCPE, Euro Funds…), life insurance contracts, and securities. Since 2011, Euronext Funds360 clients have benefitted from quality data feeds, state-of-the-art technology, innovative data management services, and local client support.

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