JUMP Web Portal

An improved Client Experience with digital reporting solution



"Anywhere & Anytime" self-service acess

With JUMP Web Portal, our clients can provide “Anywhere & Anytime” self-service digital spaces to their ecosystem (clients, prospects, partners), thus allowing for an improved quality of service and customer experience while reducing operational risks and costs.  Fully interfaced with our Front-to-Back asset management platform, JUMP Web Portal allows you to relegate a multitude of investment management tasks to the final customer (data acquisition, reporting, online operations, document management, online forms) while ensuring seamless traceability and a reduced need for operational teams.    

An enriched client experience, operating across devices with adaptive web design   

Thanks to its modern framework, the JUMP Web Portal solution allows you to construct tailor-made portals that are easily and entirely customizable, operating across devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) with adaptive web design.  It is possible to personalize its design, depth, scope, data freshness, and accessible functions.    JUMP Web Portal also makes it possible for you to enrich your existing web spaces via public pages (ex: an overview of your funds) or widgets (ex: an investment simulator, an interactive performance chart) as well as create and host complete, private web spaces with centralized access and password management (example: client extranet for your managed account customers).  

Easy construction of Web spaces and personalized forms, thanks to specialized business designers and preconfigured widget libraries for Asset Management  

JUMP Web Portal simplifies the creation of “tailor-made” web spaces thanks to a library of spaces, pages, and preconfigured widgets for asset management.  Beyond classic widgets (performance charts, fund allocation pie charts), JUMP Web Portal also allows you to integrate real-time and/or complex widgets on your web spaces (investment simulators, managed account positions, quantitative risk indicators, list of placed orders, intent to place an order screens) in order to meet advanced needs.   Since June 2020, you can also design personalized web forms, coupled with electronic signature and digital safe storage via our partner Docusign.    

The benefits of JUMP Web Portal :

►  Self-service client access    

►  Anywhere & Anytime secured access  

►  Adaptive web design and use across devices  

►  Data reliability, thanks to a single, common database  

►  Traceability of exchanges and operations   

►  Web space scalability and evolutivity 

►  Speed of design thanks to a vast library of preconfigured widgets engineered specifically for the Asset Management industry

►  Graphic design of personalized widgets and web dashboards via JUMP Reporting 

►  Sharing and reuse of personalized widgets common to different areas: operations, traditional/paper reporting, and web spaces 

►  Docusign connector with electronic signature and a digital safe storage   


Description of the JUMP Web Portal solution 


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Architecture Web innovante

  • Customizable extranet
  • Spaces with cross-device usages and adaptive web design
  • Secure authentification  
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Bibliothèque de widgets pré-paramétrés

  • Search (via ISIN code) and navigation widgets
  • Performance, risk, and allocation analysis widgets 
  • Performance, risk, and allocation analysis widgets
  • Business Intelligence widgets allowing for Drill Down and Drill Through analyses
  • Widgets used to perform simulations  
  • Widgets for submitting intents to place orders
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Portail unique de distribution d’informations et d’analyse

  • Public spaces
  • Private spaces with authentication system

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