JUMP REST API for all of your connectivity needs

What are your API connectivity needs?

  • Powerful connectivity with other applications in your IS ecosystem: simplified, real-time connectivity with other applications, especially SaaS-based: CRM, data providers, etc.
  • Simplified development of extensions for the software package: possibility of simply developing functionality to integrate/connect to the IS environment in real-time
  • Access to secure, robust and powerful technology: connectivity between different applications through REST APIs, which are the industry standard for asset management

Focus on the technical implementation of REST APIs in JUMP

Our REST APIs are based on the JSON protocol

  • Our REST APIs are based on the Spring MVC framework
  • Our REST APIs are documented in OpenAPIv2
  • The Spring Boot server framework handles authentication
  • Connections are HTTPS encrypted
  • Control of access rights to business objects is integrated into the JUMP application server
  • Dozens of business objects can be viewed: Asset, Client, Contact, Account, Broker, Currency, Custodian, Maturity, Issuer, Orders, Basket, Composition...
  • Some business objects can also be edited: Client, Contact, Securities and cash accounts, Portfolio...

A multi-purpose API for your IS challenges

  • Real-time connectivity: an effective response to your connectivity and real-time communication challenges with regard to your IS ecosystem
  • Bulk queries: a robust response to your scalability challenges, (processing, reading, or writing) with support for large data volumes via REST APIs
  • Service execution: optimized response to the challenges of launching application processing (sending an order, generating a report, etc.)

Some JUMP API REST Use Cases

  • For investment management companies:
    • 1: JUMP APIs feed the Excel Trading Sheets used by managers with data from the JUMP software (in particular for fund composition) as well as real-time prices provided by Bloomberg
    • 2: Daily, bulk input to the historical info center of data from the JUMP repository using the JUMP APIs
    • 3: JUMP server queries via the APIs. A custom Excel plug-in was built using the JUMP APIs for certain services
    • 4: CRM / JUMP system synchronization (customers, contacts, etc.) using the JUMP APIs
  • For life insurers:
    • 1: smooth, automated communication between the JUMP solution and the Life Insurance Liability Management software package via the JUMP APIs, to avoid double entries between the two systems
    • 2 (in Luxembourg): to provide clients with additional functionalities within the framework of CSSF regulation from the insurer’s portal, in particular, order placement directly connected to the JUMP OMS
  • Use cases for all JUMP clients:
    • Mobile applications: JUMP server queries by JUMP mobile applications via JUMP API. Our customers could build their own mobile applications, connecting to JUMP using our APIs
    • Web Portal: querying the JUMP server from the JUMP Web Portal via the JUMP API. Some of our customers have used direct calls to our APIs to enhance their web spaces (intranet, extranet, website).
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