JUMP Performance Attribution certified by Pôle Finance Innovation

JUMP's Performance Attribution solution has been certified by the “Pôle Finance Innovation”.  This is the 4th time one of JUMP Front-to-Back platform’s modules has obtained this recognition from the Pôle Finance Innovation.

JUMP Performance Attribution allows its users to calculate performance attribution for Equity portfolios based on the Brinson-Fachler model, and to precisely measure the performance of Fixed-income investments using the Factor-Based Analysis Model (FBAM). The JUMP Performance Attribution solution was evaluated by several high-level experts in the Investment Management industry.

These experts have endorsed the areas of innovation offered by JUMP Performance Attribution that elevate it to a whole new level of technology among the best performance attribution software solutions for Investment Management Industry professionals.

We would like to thank those at JUMP who worked on this ambitious project, as well as the teams at Rothschild&Co that participate in the enhancement of the JUMP Performance Attribution solution. Want to learn more about the distinct innovations that JUMP Performance Attribution can offer its users? Contact JUMP’s team!




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