JUMP into the Cloud

Your investment management platform « On Premise » or « in the Cloud » 



A flexible, evolutive, and scalable deployment mode  

With JUMP Cloud service, our customers can choose to deploy the JUMP platform either On-premise or in the Cloud, depending on their specific needs and requirements.  If they change their mind, however, the platform is completely reversible, allowing customers to switch from one deployment mode to another.  

With JUMP Cloud, stay focused on your core business in complete security 

By choosing JUMP Cloud, investment management players gain access to a secure, mature, and innovative SaaS platform (ISO 27001 certified hosting), while meeting their optimization challenges: quick deployment (better time-to-market), scalability of SaaS services, and cost control.   The JUMP Cloud service enables our customers to outsource the hosting and IT operation of their business software platform for investment management. With this service, JUMP customers no longer have to worry about the availability of their teams for IT issues and can focus on their core business. 

The benefits of JUMP Cloud :

►  Easy access to your business software platform  

►  Secure access to your data on an ISO 27001 certified hosting platform 

►  A platform that is scalable and can evolve according to your growth  

►  Accelerated deployment of your business software platform 

►  Déploiement accéléré de votre plateforme logicielle métier 

►  Native support of JUMP software package extensions (JUMP Web Portal, JUMP Mobile) for your customers and partners 


Description of JUMP Cloud services



icon network

Infrastructure management

  • Server hosting and hardware administration 
  • Hardware configuration that is both adapted to customer needs (vcpu and RAM) and rapidly evolutive 
  • Server software administration 
  • Network and security management (updates, antivirus, firewall...) 
  • Platform backup and DRP management 
  • Monitoring hardware and software infrastructure (OS...) 
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JUMP application management

  • Database administration 
  • Application server administration 
  • Application-specific monitoring 
  • Support across multiple environments: production, testing, development, pre-production, etc.  
  • Batch administration: implementation and monitoring 
  • Installation and deployment of all minor to major software upgrades 

Operational management

  • IT support by phone and email 
  • Ticket system for making and tracking requests 
  • Monitoring and management of access 
  • Change management 
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Execution of recovery operations in the event of a DRP 
  • Communication of operational monitoring reports 
  • Continued improvement of service

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