JUMP Club U' Webportal: enhance the customer experience with digital reporting

The whole JUMP team would like to thank all those to who participated in JUMP Club U’ on October 15th, 2021, which took place virtually and brought together several dozen JUMP users.

Discover the fundamentals, features, and use cases of the JUMP Web Portal, an innovative solution to digitize your area of reporting and improve communication with your counterparties.

JUMP Web Portal: enhance the customer experience with digital reporting

Thanks to the JUMP Web Portal, you can easily create custom digital portals to provide your clients secure, Anytime & Anywhere access across devices (smartphones, tablets, and PCs) with adaptive design.  Your clients will no longer have to wait until the end of monthly or quarterly reporting cycles to consult their portfolio data: they’ll be able to create custom reports and interactively query portfolio data (composition, allocation, performance, risk, important documents, etc.)

With JUMP Web Portal, you can delegate a host of management operations to the customer to enhance their experience and satisfaction, all while guaranteeing data quality and traceability with the centralized JUMP data repository, and reducing costs by minimizing the need for operational teams.

Why should you implement a dedicated web portal?

  • Anytime & Anywhere access: offer clients, partners, and third parties real-time access to their dedicated web space across all their devices
  • Easily build dedicated web spaces: provide your clients secure, custom, and scalable web spaces that centralize essential financial information, displayed using your company’s colors
  • Improve the customer experience: guarantee a custom, user-friendly experience with the JUMP web portal to optimize the customer experience for your investors and clients
  • Streamline access to client information: offer real-time access to financial information and increase production frequency and reporting precision

Easily build custom enhanced web spaces

The JUMP Web Portal makes it easy to build custom web spaces with widget libraries preconfigured for investment management, as well as to pool custom reports and widgets common to management.  The solution interfaces with major digital safe and electronic signature solutions (Docusign, Luxtrust, Universign, etc.). 

The major innovations the JUMP Web Portal provides are:

  • Customization: generate fully personalized KYC forms that can be pre-filled with existing client information
  • Full automation: robotize your processes with automatic CRM/PMS updates and form generation
  • Controls: create custom alerts and notifications to monitor investment processes as closely as possible

Use cases of the JUMP Web Portal:

  • Public portal for fund management: give your clients or investors real-time access to fund data: NAV, allocation, performance and risk indicators, refined search with a variety of filters
  • Intranet: provide custom access to employees who are not direct users of JUMP (sales, top management, etc.) with personalized dashboards consolidating fund and managed account performance data, for example
  • Wealth management, end customer side: give your end customers access to customized portfolio overview dashboards (e.g. composition, allocation, list of transactions, performance, etc.), all while giving them the opportunity to input their management intentions
  • Web space for business providers: give your business providers access to projections for the different retrocessions they will collect
  • Wealth management, manager side:
    • A mandated management company can easily access the assets an institutional investor or an insurer has delegated to it from a dedicated web portal
    • An insurer can provide a management company or an institution access to its web portal to view the assets entrusted to it
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