JUMP Club U' UX & Asset Servicers Hub

We at JUMP would like to thank the attendees at the latest edition of JUMP Club U' on September 30, 2022, which took place in a virtual format and was attended by several dozen JUMP solution users.

Below, you will find a summary of the topics discussed during this event:

User experience: presentation of new features and UX innovations that users can enjoy with the latest version of the JUMP Web solution

Increased connectivity with asset servicers: presentation of our new cloud-based custodian and valuator Hub

New user experience

JUMP is constantly striving to improve the interface and overall user experience within the JUMP Front-to-Back suite, in particular with the addition of new customization features.

Smart Dashboards

The Smart Dashboards feature allows users to configure activity tracking environments within the JUMP suite for all players in the Front-Middle-Back management chain.

JUMP Smart Dashboards enable:

  • Creation of customized dashboards, in terms of both form and content
  • Drag & drop of native or custom screens from the JUMP suite into custom dashboards
  • Dynamic custom dashboards via the portfolio selector
  • Drill down access to underlying data or stocks directly from custom dashboards

Improved spreadsheet feature

The spreadsheet feature, which is central to the JUMP solution, and essential for all users, now provides even greater flexibility and customization possibilities. These improvements provide, in particular:

  • Simplified column management
  • Improved filters and sorting
  • Optimized table update
  • Pivot table creation
  • On-the-fly graphics from existing tables

New Reporting Designer

JUMP users can now take advantage of the intuitive reporting designer features from their web interface, with full access to:

  • A comprehensive, native library of JUMP elements and screens (Front, Middle, Back, Risk, Compliance, Performance, etc. tables and charts)
  • A scalable library via the addition of custom elements (join creation, theme customization, etc.)

The inclusion of all of these core JUMP features into the web interface enables simplified and more visual construction of custom reports and a reduction in their overall processing time. Our users can now:

  • Preview the report or report item before committing to modifications
  • Access an intuitive report template tree structure, sorted by format - Add and configure graphical elements with ease

PPT Plugin

Microsoft PowerPoint has become one of the most important tools for asset managers’ daily business activities. The PowerPoint plugin to JUMP’s software suite addresses the following key requirements:

  • Harnessing the respective strengths of PowerPoint and JUMP: connect in real-time to the JUMP repository, directly from PowerPoint, and use PowerPoint’s flexibility to the full  to produce customized and scalable presentations
  • More reliable use of PowerPoint thanks to the unique JUMP repository: query data from the unique, shared JUMP repository directly from PowerPoint, thus guaranteeing quality data and financial analyses
  • Cross-reference of JUMP data with other sources: within the same PowerPoint slide, users can now combine JUMP data with that of other static or dynamic sources

JUMP Hub Asset Servicers

For 16 years, JUMP has interfaced with more than 50 asset servicers in Europe (custodians, valuation agents, etc.) to help its users automate and optimize front, middle, and back-office data flow management. 

To provide simpler, faster connectivity with asset servicers, JUMP has implemented a new cloud-based JUMP Hub, enabling direct and secure connection to the asset servicers' communication infrastructure, with the following benefits for our customers:

  • Shorter average connection time to the custodian
  • Lower connection and user fees
  • Automated JUMP/custodian relationship: post-transactional data flows with a straight-through processing connector
  • Technical acknowledgments available in real-time
  • Etc.
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