Certificate Program JUMP Fundamentals - 1st edition

We are proud to announce that the first edition of the JUMP Certificate Program is now over. Congratulations to the certified partners:

  • Olivier Fatus and Moise Dossa from BM&A
  • Charlotte Buot de l'Epine and Paul Kempa from Ernst&Young
  • Olivier Brizard from AiYO
  • Siham Rahmani from ALB Conseil

  They have successfully completed the 3 days training program and have obtained the JUMP Fundamentals certification. During these 3 days, the students have been immersed through theoretical and practical Front-to-Back approaches into the business lines covered by the JUMP solution: Asset Management, Wealth Management, Insurance, and Unit-Linked Insurance.We cannot wait for the next editions of JUMP Certificate Program to be held! Want to join JUMP Academy Certificate Program or have more information on the different certification levels? Then discover our JUMP Certificate Program!




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