Follow your Green Investment strategy with JUMP ESG

What are your ESG needs?

  • ESG data collection
    • Connectivity to the world of ESG criteria and ratings, supplied by the best market data providers
  • ESG data checking
    • Benefit from a powerful data management solution, allowing you to consolidate, monitor, and archive ESG data
  • ESG score calculation
    • Calculate consolidated issuer, portfolio, or benchmark ratings   
  • Portfolio management with an ESG strategy and ESG report production
    • Use ESG data across the entire Front-to-Back value chain and automate your ESG reporting (SFDR, Taxonomy, Factsheets, mandates, etc.)

Why choose the JUMP ESG solution?

  • Scalable connectivity with leading ESG data providers
    • Benefit from scalable and reliable connectivity to all major ESG data providers on the market (SIX, Bloomberg, Sustainalytics, ICE, Vigeo, MSCI, etc.) and a standardized, automated import system
  • Powerful data management engine to exploit ESG data
    • Integrate, monitor, and customize your ESG data to provide access to comprehensive and consistent information
  • Automated calculation of consolidated ESG ratings
    • Calculate your consolidated ESG scores (on ratios or custom fields) via a dedicated screen 
  • Use of the consolidated ESG score in all your management processes, including reporting
    • Integrate your ESG information into your shared repository, for use across the entire Front-to-Back and reporting chain, with full traceability

Some ESG use cases in the JUMP Front-to-Back suite:

  • JUMP Data Management
    • Automate reporting, consolidation, monitoring, and transformation of your ESG data into the JUMP platform's consolidated repository
  • JUMP Compliance
    • Automate the application of ESG ratios within your portfolios (prospectus commitments, mandates, etc.), through the definition of ESG pre-and post-trade compliance rules
  • JUMP Portfolio Management
    • Analyze your individual or aggregated portfolios, according to any ESG data/rating, in real-time, through the solution's different analysis engines: allocation calculation, performance calculation (attribution, contribution), correlation analysis, portfolio optimization, decision support, etc.
    • Rebalance your portfolios to an ESG benchmark or ESG model portfolio in a few clicks
    • Simulate the impact of buy and sell orders on your ESG ratings by the issuer, portfolio, etc.
  • JUMP Reporting
    • Use the customized criteria and scores in all your reporting (SFDR, Taxonomy, Factsheets, Mandates, internal, etc.) and your website in real-time (Web Portal)

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