The Union Mutualiste Retraite (UMR) and JUMP LIFE

In the words of :

Stéphane Jegouzo DSI de l’UMR

Stéphane Jegouzo
SI Director at UMR

Philippe Rey Directeur des Investissements de l’UMR

Philippe Rey
Director of Investments at UMR

Pension Fund UMR has chosen JUMP LIFE software for the management of its unit-linked funds

After an in-depth market study, UMR chose JUMP software, in its version JUMP LIFE, intended to Life Insurance actors (i.e. Pension Funds), in order to meet the growth and development needs of its unit-linked activities. JUMP LIFE is a state-of-the-art, Front to Back software solution that is scalable and offers an unparalleled range of features.
It provides UMR a highly-performant, adaptable, and evolving software, allowing for greater automation and industrialization of its management and control processes.

“We wanted a long-term, comprehensive, and cutting-edge solution, that could be interoperable with our policy management software.”

Philippe Rey, Director of Investments at UMR

Philippe Rey, Director of Investments at UMR:
“UMR is a union of complementary insurance and pension fund companies that offers pension plan solutions to its subscribers, with 9.2 billion in assets under management. We are engaged in a constant effort to modernize our services and processes, and for this reason, we needed a high-performing and trustworthy technological partner.
JUMP software in particular, caught our eye. They’re well-known on the market and the software meets all our specific needs (order placement on unit linked funds, asset and liability matching.). We were thus able to benefit from a ready-to-use solution, with no additional software development to worry about.”

SJ : « Whether on-premise or SaaS, JUMP adapted to our needs, and not the other way around. »

Stéphane Jegouzo SI Director of UMR
“As far as our choice of software is concerned, JUMP stood out for three main reasons:

  1. All of JUMP LIFE’S features are present within the same unified software package, with, most notably, only one single data depositary to maintain.
  2. JUMP’s adaptability concerning deployment and data hosting: On-premise today, but with the possibility to migrate to SaaS tomorrow, if we wish.
  3. Lastly, we already had a technology service for our policy management (KAPIA-RGI) and we were reassured by the fact that JUMP offers a native connector that is fully functional and operational with them.

During the implementation phase, we greatly appreciated the quality of support offered by the JUMP project team. They are proactive and truly at our disposal if needed.
Today, we have a good grip on the software and are completing our project on-time and on-target with the help of the JUMP team.”

“We are happy that UMR trusted us in their choice of JUMP Life, a version of our JUMP software package for unit-linked fund management.  UMR now joins several other large insurance companies on the European market as JUMP Life clients.  We are proud to accompany UMR in their ambitious development project.”

Emmanuel Fougeras, CEO of JUMP Technology

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