Moneta AM on JUMP’s Front-to-Back solution

In the words of Romain Burnand, Founder of Moneta AM

Moneta Asset Management is an independent equity fund management company that is 100% owned by its managers and employees. 

The 3 equity funds that we manage reflect our autonomous and in-depth financial research approach, stock-picking, through traditional and long-short management.

Our focus on a single business line allows us to dedicate all of our time to perfecting our knowledge of companies, which are ultimately the driving force behind fund performance.  We are specialists in equity markets and we focus on our know-how.

ASSETS UNDER MANAGEMENT : Between 1 and 5 billions euros

ZONE : France

ACTIVITIES : Fund Management

SPECIFICITIES : 100% employee shareholding

Project specificities and challenges

Initially, the team at Moneta AM launched an international call to tender to bring together the best players in the domain of Investment  Management software development.  For this call to tender, we defined the following main requirements, so that the providers could offer us software solutions that meet our internal challenges:

  • Robustness through automation of order execution monitoring procedures up to custodian reconciliation
  • Sustainability with total centralization and security of our data
  • Safety via double controls at each stage of fund’s life (bricker matching, NAV control, custodian reconciliation, etc.)
  • Compliance with reinforced control of regulatory constraints and ratios through automatic daily testing, and improved traceability thanks to the audit trail integrated into the software
  • Adaptability to long-short management challenges requiring specific modules for position keeping, ratio control, placement of give-up orders, portfolio display, etc…

Specificities and points of difference

For us, as an independent investment management company without a captive client base, financial performance is part of our reason of being. In today’s turbulent markets, as in those of yesterday and tomorrow, we must take the risk of going off the beaten path, of being accountable only to our clients, of not seeking consensus. It is the rigorous application of our long-term approach that has given our three funds top-tier positions in their categories.

Our desire to remain focused on our know-how and expertise led us to search for a service provider capable of meeting multiple challenges: ensuring complete security of our order placement circuit, adapting to the specificities unique to long-short management, integrating our independent trading desk model, and echoing our willingness to remain agile and quick to evolve in order to accompany us in our future challenges.

Given the pivotal role of AM software in our processes, we wanted to find a proven and robust solution, capable of meeting our expectations in terms of adaptability (CFD Management, give-up orders, personalized portfolio views) and connectivity (FIX, CTM Briker Matching, SWIFT).

“Considering the strategic importance of this project, we have chosen not only the software package, but also the team, that we felt was best suited to meet our needs. The dynamic that has since formed between the teams at Moneta and JUMP confirms the impression we had when chose them.”

Romain Burnand, Founder of Moneta Asset Management

Jump Moneta AM

Why JUMP ?
JUMP stood out from other respondents to the invitation to tender because of the functional scope of solution, the evolutionary potential of their solution through new developments, their respect of our budgetary constraints, and their geographical proximity, which creates a dynamic interaction between our team and the team at JUMP.  Finally, Moneta saw itself in this French software provider, with their 100% employee shareholding plan.

User expectations
The team at Moneta and I hope that this collaboration with JUMP, and above all the JUMP AMS software package, will give us security and performance.  We trust that each new challenge that our profession or our clients might present to us will be taken up together in a shared concern for excellence.  We hope that this is the beginning of a long partnership together!

“We are proud to have been chosen by Moneta Asset Management, a distinguished investment management company known particularly for its high standards, both for themselves and their partners. By working with them, we have further enhanced certain Front and Middle Office features of the JUMP software package.”

Emmanuel Fougeras, CEO of JUMP Technology

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