Rothschild & Co Asset Management Europe on JUMP solutions

In the words of Vincent Rasclard Managing Director de Rothschild & Co Asset Management Europe

Vincent Rasclard Managing Director de Rothschild & Co Asset Management Europe

Rothschild & Co selects JUMP solution from JUMP Technology for its Asset Management Division

Today, Rothschild & Co announced having selected JUMP from JUMP Technology to meet the reporting, calculation and performance attribution needs of its asset management division.
After an in-depth market study, Rothschild & Co has decided to use the unified JUMP software, hosted by JUMP on its new SaaS platform via a Private Cloud, to respond to the challenges involved in the growth and development of its offer. JUMP represents a scalable solution that is easy to use and offers unique functional possibilities.
It provides Rothschild & Co with an effective, scalable and modular solution to enhance the automation and industrialisation of its processes.

“We wanted a long-lasting multi-channel Saas digital solution”

Vincent Rasclard Managing Director de Rothschild & Co Asset Management Europe

Vincent Rasclard, Managing Director of Rothschild & Co Asset Management Europe
“As Rothschild & Co is both an international and independent group, we are free to choose the technology partner we thought would be the most able to support us in these areas over the next 10 years.
We therefore chose JUMP for several reasons. Firstly, for the extended range of functionalities offered by JUMP platform. We have actually started an urbanization or a consolidation project of our Information System and JUMP was the only company able to offer us a single unified software solution to cover all of our current needs (reporting, pricing, interest rate calculations, performance attribution, etc.) and potentially our future needs (reconciliation, web portal, etc.). We also wanted a lasting solution (JUMP software has existed since 2006), in a SaaS model, with digital and multi-channel capabilities (laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.). Finally, we like to maintain close relationships of trust with our strategic partners and we have this kind of relationship with the JUMP team and its Top Management who are fully committed to our project.”

“We are very proud of the trust that Rothschild & Co Asset Management has placed in us by choosing our solution, which is already used by several other major operators on the European market. With Rothschild & Co Asset Management, we have a client, but also a demanding and constructive business partner.
In partnership with Rothschild & Co, we have designed an entirely new fixed-income attribution module which complements our existing software in terms of performance and risk analysis.
We now offer a first-class solution for projects involving one or several challenges such as Data Management, Market Finance Reporting, market risk monitoring, performance calculation and performance attribution.”

Emmanuel Fougeras, CEO of JUMP Technology

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