In order to support the growth of JUMP and it’s many teams, we’ve decided to strengthen our commitment to promoting diversity by signing the french diversity charter.


President of JUMP

Our corporate culture, based on meritocracy, has been part of our DNA since JUMP was founded in 2006.  Since then, we have made every effort to ensure that our employees are able to develop personally and succeed professionally, regardless not only of their origins, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliation, but also their marital status, state of health, etc. 

Through this proactive approach, we aim to go beyond our corporate culture and the legal framework for the fight against discrimination already in place by acting on several fronts, from recruitment to the day-to-day management of our human resources, and providing opportunities open to all talents. 

Our employees, clients, and candidates today represent a wide variety of cultures and experiences and are becoming even more diverse as we continue to grow internationally.

This diverse sociocultural medley fuels us each day by generating creativity and performance and enriching our work environment, so we, in turn, strive each day to develop a more open corporate culture to attract, train, and retain all our current and future JUMPers.

In May 2021, JUMP TECHNOLOGY signed the French diversity charter. Learn more about the charter on its website.