IBOR, multi-industry, international, cross-assets, modular, open


Whatever your industry is, our solution covers and streamlines the entire asset management value chain, for all types of financial instrument, in a single front-to-back software solution.

Its modular approach allows you to select the features that meet your needs today and easily scale to a more comprehensive coverage of your future needs.

Benefits of the solution


Share your data within a single repository and use a real-time valuation engine to cover your needs for Front Office decision support, middle control and valuation and back office reporting 


Meet the needs of each activity – either collective, mandate, insurance and alternative management – within a single solution from the From to the Back Office (from OMS / PMS to Accounting) while including a First-Class Reporting module


Customize the solution to meet your personalization challenges thanks to its modularity and its approach by settings (ie. without development): reporting, controls, indicators, risk ratios, asset pricers, customized dashboards, etc.


Eliminate your manual processes and reduce operational risk by automating and streamlining your business processes with full STP workflow systems and real-time data shared between all your Front, Middle and Back Office teams


Integrate the solution into your Information System and business ecosystem thanks to a complete catalog of connectors – market data, custodians, fund valuerstrading platforms, brokers, CRM, etc. – and a complete technical openness based on our API REST


Digitize your business by relying on a Web solution that enhances the User Experience and free you from IT constraints with JUMP Cloud offer


Real-time portfolio management

∎  Multi-assets, multi-currencies, multi-strategies
∎ Real-time positions and valuation
∎ Performance analysis and risk monitoring
∎ Stress tests

∎ Complete transparency

Simplified order placements

∎ Full STP workflow
∎ Electronic order placement (FIX, SWIFT, proprietary format)
∎ Model and rebalancing portfolios
∎ Single orders, block orders, basket orders
∎ Multi-brokers
∎ Pre-trade checks
∎ Connectors with ITG, Ullink / Itiviti, EXOE, Greenwich Dealing Services, more than custodians, etc. 

Compliance with constraints

∎ Statutory: AMF, CSSF, AIFM, UCITS, etc.
∎ Configurable controls and alerts
∎ Pre- and post-trade compliance
∎ Dashboards, internal and regulatory reports

Risk and performance

∎ Calculation of real-time indicators
∎ Risk monitoring (ex post and ex ante)
∎ Contribution and attribution performance
∎ Cockpit dashboard and customized reports

Portfolios administration

∎ Multi-custodians and multi-market data feeds
∎ Pricing policy

∎ Automated reconciliations
∎ Automation of calculation of fees and retrocessions
∎ Cash management
∎ Corporate action transactions management
∎ NAV calculation and control

Data control

∎ Data management
∎ Embedded library of pre-configured controls
∎ Designer of custom alerts
∎ Fine-tune management of authorizations
∎ Complete audit trail
∎ Extensible and customizable repository


∎ Flexible and powerful solution
∎ Automation of the production of customized reports
∎ Library of internal, sales and regulatory reports
∎ Workflow of report validation
∎ Texts and translations management
∎ Multi-format exports: .docx, .xlsx, .pdf, .pptx, .csv, .txt, .html
∎ Customized web portal and widgets


Web platform

∎ Adapted architecture
∎ Mobility: tablet, smartphone