CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: AMADEIS on the adoption of JUMP Technology Reporting solution

In the words of :

Alexandre Lengereau

President et Cofounder of Amadeis

Who is Amadeis ?



Type of industry player:

Investment advisor


Institutional investors

Key figures:

More than 60 clients


Amadeis is one of the leading French institutional investment consulting firms.  Amadeis advises more than 60 institutional clients in their financial, real estate, and impact investments, with portfolios ranging from several million to several tens of billions of assets under management.



Creating custom reports and analyses adapted to the needs of each client is the core value addition of our range of services.  For the past several years, we have observed that our client’s requirements in this area have multiplied: increased frequency and customization of reports, reduced production time, etc.

In this context, we decided to adopt a solution that would streamline the reporting value chain and improve the quality of our client relationship, all while reducing operational risk.  This automated platform would ultimately allow our consultants to refocus their attention on analysis and client interactions.

Our teams have consulted several software companies specializing in investment management reporting tools to find a solution that could:

Consolidate the listed, private equity and real-estate assets of our clients within a shared data repository  

Automate data feed and data quality checks

Homogenize analysis methods for client portfolios (e.g. a single method for calculating performance)

Streamline the generation and diffusion of client reports

Evolve and provide additional features (retrocession calculation, ratio checks, digital reporting, etc.)

After an in-depth study, Amadeis ultimately chose the JUMP Technology solution.

The richness of its Reporting features, as well as its capacity to cover other needs (data management, performance calculation, retrocessions, etc.), were what made JUMP stand out compared to other Reporting solutions on the market.

Alexandre Lengereau, President and Cofounder of Amadeis

Customizing and adapting of the solution to our needs

While benefitting from an extremely rich core software, our users have the power to easily customize the software themselves (fields, imports, reports, assessments, etc.), which is critical in maintaining the responsiveness that our clients expect from us.  Automated data checks, combined with multiple possibilities for data dissemination (reports, exports, analysis screens) allow our teams to focus on the highest value-added tasks: analyses, calculations, feedback, etc.

Why JUMP ?

Used by leading investment management firms, JUMP solution allows us to guarantee our clients a superior quality of service.  The richness of its Reporting features, as well as its capacity to cover other needs (data management, performance calculation, retrocessions, etc.), were what made JUMP stand out from other Reporting solutions on the market.

We are delighted to be working with a French industry leader that was able to adapt to a smaller structure in terms of project scope and the budget.

Our solution is natively adapted to the needs of institutional investment consulting firms as we already directly provide our services to a multitude of institutional clients. With Amadeis as a client, JUMP Technology has reaffirmed the scalability of its solution, capable of adapting to players of any size and industry.

Emmanuel Fougeras, CEO of JUMP Technology


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